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Priorities by ( Anas and SidAli )


What is Priorities app? what it used for ? :

Priorities app is basically a new way to mange your priorities in a more smarter more efficient way, it’s uses the Fifth Time Management Generation method made by The authors of the bestsellers about the time management Dr. Stephen Covey together with Roger Merrill and Rebecca Merrill, how it works ? ..  so easy , your time is divided into 4 class which are :

4) not important and not urgent

3) not important but urgent

2) important but not urgent

1) important and urgent

that’s let you simplify the task for you, and let you focus more on the important Smile


What inspire you guys to do it ? :

what inspire us was actually a real life situations that we’ve been through, you know, when you find yourself overwhelmed with many things at once, you couldn’t decide what you need to start with or ignore, the result : so much wasted time, blood pursuer, headache, … and the list goes on, be organized is so important on those situation, 

so .. we always wished to have some app “free form complication or whatsoever”  that do just that ( help us managing our priorities ) , so that was it, and … we really hope it helps ! Open-mouthed smile


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6 thoughts on “Priorities by ( Anas and SidAli )

  1. DeveloperDZ on said:

    hi guys,
    really nice app and useful in real case situation we always need to manage our priorities.
    thank u guys and a big thank to imad for his great work.

  2. thanks for your encouragemnt 🙂 hope you will like

  3. Anonymous on said:

    je félicite l’auteur i apreciate the presentation. Simple words were used which allows to get contnent and want to see more and more of your work ! Go on gyes

  4. Anonymous on said:

    keep working..good job

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Hello guys !
    well fisrt of all , i have to admit that i dont really know your web site , i was given the link and was told that i’ll find it verry interesting ; and i do find it so indeed , i really love the topics especially that one ! and for i running the same kinf of training myself , i would like to have your details , if you dont mind , maybe we can work together in the futur 🙂
    anyway it’s a great idea and thanks for sharing this spirit with us ! keep working guys !

  6. thank you all guys for you comments 🙂

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