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Clothe Me App ( by James )


What is Clothe Me App ? what it used for ? :                                                       

Clothe Me is an App that uses weather condition to suggest the best clothe for the day, like: when it’s rainy it tells you to bring your Umbrella, when it’s snowing it tells you to bring your gloves, Umbrella, and wear a vest, so you’ll be always ready Open-mouthed smile 

What inspire you to do it ? :

My Inspiration comes form real life issue, an issue that I faced many times, I always find myself forgetting my umbrella is a rainy day ( especially when it’s seem clear at the beginning of the day and then .. everything changes ), FACT: watching weather news is not fun for so many ( including me Smile with tongue out), so I though about something that just do the job, something simple, fast, and easy, especially for busy people “ that just want to know what to wear, that’s what it is all about right ?  “, and that is, I really hope it be useful.



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One thought on “Clothe Me App ( by James )

  1. Nice idea and better imagination. Congratulations the team.

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