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XNA Game Challenge Workshop !, Come, Learn, and Build what’s next !

XNA Game Challenge is a challenge organized by students of .NET Club ( Micro Club ) at USTHB ( University of Science and Technology Houwari Boumendianne ) it’s all about building games and having Fun ! and of course … WIN some Great Prizes too !


Do you love Games ?, were you always dreaming about the day you Build your own ?, well, that day is not far at all, and NOW this is the time you act, this is the time you show the world what you’re made off !


whether you’re a computing student or form other specialty, loving and building games is not about what you study it’s about YOU, it’s a passion, it’s about how you feel, what you love, and now with technology developing everyday building a game in now’s day’s is not as hard as it was before, and I’m sure you’ll be amazed how incredibly easy it becomes, especially when using some great software as Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone


leave the darkness of the old Pascal and Fortran, and come see something amazing !

even if you still have no idea how to make a game yet, you’re welcomed, it’s an open invitation, join now and make your first step, designers, artist’s, graphic designers .. you’re all invited !

Come in and have some fun, meet some great people, and share your passion with other students

the workshop date is Saturday 25/02/2012 at Informatics Faculty it starts at 9.30 morning, so be there early, so you won’t miss anything 

for student outside or inside USHTB, please register here

from more information : Facebook Page

                                     Micro-Club web site

                   Thank you and See you there Open-mouthed smile incha’a allah


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  1. Great news

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