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why you should seriously give Imagine Cup a Try ?

What is imagine Cup you say ? ,well :                                                                 Imagine Cup is the premier Student Technology Competition hosted by Microsoft. the main purpose behind it is, to encourage students “ Like YOU and ME … all of US “, to jump up into the field, into the real world problems and start thinking and innovating to find news ways to solve the toughest problems and come with new Awesome ideas that could probably change the World !


and It’s one of the first’s world scale competition that are available here for us in Algeria,


Imagine Cup welcomes all Technology students NO EXECIPTIONS ! ,and it’s a high time to make a special call for you guys, whether you Study Electronics, Civil Engineering, Biology, or Medicine ! …  even if you don’t have the Technical knowledge to build a computer program it’s not the end of the world !, if you have Passion, Determination, Courage … an IDEA, an Idea that you think it could really work, it could really make Change, then YOU WILL FIND SUPPORT ! I tell you that ! , you can look for many Computing Clubs inside your college or outside, where you’ll find Students (like you) who have the knowledge and maybe just looking for a good idea to work for.

here in Algiers there are two Great .Net Clubs

Micro-Club at (USTHB), Micro-Club Facebook Page



Scientific Club of Esi at (Esi ex:INI) , Scientific Club of ESI Facebook Page



in Mostaganem :  Scientific Computing Club


Go ahead and Contact them, I’m sure they’ll be so Glad to help you with anything,

also you can contact us ( DZ MSP’s) too anytime at our Facebook Page or

by Email :

we’re all at your service don’t hastate to contact us if you have questions suggestion .. Open-mouthed smile      

                                                                                                                                 Now can you just please take a moment, and look at those photos :





This people you saw were just like YOU, little bit not sure, unconfident, afraid of failure but they let that all behind and jump right to it !

and NOW it’s OUR TOURN … it’s YOUR TOURN !

                     !مانحقروش رحنا خاوتي

it’s your turn to jump here in Algeria in imagine Cup local Finals


it’s your Turn to jump another in the World Wide Finals at Sydney


it’s your turn to set our Flag high up in the sky !


it’s your turn to bring us this Cup !!


 let the journey Start! …..


      REGISER NOW!          




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2 thoughts on “why you should seriously give Imagine Cup a Try ?

  1. DeveloperDZ on said:

    yeah go algeria goo, we can do it
    thnx imad

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