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Start a New Hope ! Go For Imagine Cup


For those who don’t know what Imagine Cup is, Imagine Cup in few words is the Biggest Students Technology Competition in the World! organized  by Microsoft, to drive student to imagine, think and innovate using Microsoft tools to make the world, a better place to live, it covers many sections and the aim is to find solutions through technology to solve the world’s toughest problems such as poverty, hunger, gender inequality, environmental sustainability, and access to education and healthcare

In Imagine Cup you can compete in :

  • Software Design Competition
  • Game Design: Xbox/Windows Competition
  • Game Design: Phone Competition
  • Windows Azure Challenge
  • IT Challenge
  • And with Something Special this Year : Windows Phone Challenge ( Sponsored By Nokia )

Win cash, grants , and prizes – plus, a chance for a free trip to Sydney, Australia !

Imagine Cup 2011:

last year, two Algerian teams went for world finalist in New York

Team Epsilone ( Software Design Competition )



Team Green Schtroumpfs ( Embedded development )

team shlonbergi

Team Green Schtroumpfs ( Embedded development )

well … they start with imagining an idea, a concept, combine it with work and determination and Bam! they made their way to world world finals but now, Now it’s time For YOU ! :


Yes, it’s time for you to go there and make us proud !, it’s time for you to show the world what Algeria has to offer, there is no time to waste doubting yourself or asking  if you really deserve this, no time to say i can’t, start your project 

now! “start building your dream”

imagine cup opens a whole new opportunities a whole new experience for you, you should not miss it out this time

             Register Now !

if you have any questions regarding the registration, or if you need Microsoft Tools and software to build your project,  we “Algerian Microsoft Student Partners” will do our best to help you out with anything, please feel free to contact us at :

Our Facebook Page

or by Email :

Thank you ^^

and always remember ..


                           Australia is waiting for you!, so hurry up!

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