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Second AppBooster (Algeria)

Second edition of AppBooster arrived! and frankly it was awesome just as the First edition.

( if you don’t know what an AppBooster is or you want to check out the first edition, my first post about AppBooster: )

Well .. this time we were 18 MSP instead of 13, and the challenge was up 15 App! uploaded next day 6:00 PM at


Ideas were here so we didn’t need to do an other brainStorming session except for few suggestions, we got organized in different manner this time, every application has:

an Owner: the main developer of the application (the application is under his responsibility )

a Developer: the co-developer and the helper of the owner, his role is not as big as the owner of course ^^ (he just help when problems accurate and owner needs some support)

a Designer: the guy with good experience in blend, (the Owner can take this role if he’s good in design )

and a Consultant: the person behind the idea, his role is to give help on how the design and feel application needs to be, suggest ideas on how to improve the experience of the application and make it better ( this position can be left blank if the owner was the person behind the idea )

we were split into two working groups, Social media team and Developers team

while the developers team works on the applications, the social team works actively on amplifying the image of the event locally & globally by using social services like Facebook, Twitter and blog post’s like these one 😀 … ect


and so, after we got organized, our ADE Raouf Chebri suggested we start with the apps of the last AppBooster who were having problems and didn’t get published at WP marketplace.



we finished with them in around 12:30 am, so lunch time!



after the lunch break, we started working on the new projects

before i continue i just want to talk a little about the so joyful contact with our brothers in Kuwait, were we had some really nice conversation with their ADE Shaymaa


by the way, in my name and in the name all Algerian MSPs, i would to thank her and all Kuwaiti MSPs for the encouragement and support, your words really mean a lot to us, thank you so much guys! 🙂

and as you may think, developing developing and .. a little bit much more of developing ( lol! )







After hours of work, dinner!


2:30 pm and the guys are still awake

morning !



After ( little few) hours of sleep, morning comes !



and comes with it many cool things!, many applications reached testing phase ^^


unfortunately many MSP left before the end ( 6:00 PM ) many ( including me 🙂 ), for different reasons, as some of us live relatively far and need to go early

even so, the rest continued to work till the last hour and so that’s it ! Second AppBooster has end at 6:00 PM, and 7 Apps were submitted at

too bad we couldn’t reach what we want ( it’s because what i mention above about leaving late )  but as far as it goes i believe we did fairly good and all the MSPs did their best, and all for all we had so much fun and build some apps so Total Success 😀

we also discussed the possibility of organizing an AppBooster in even bigger scale, like between our universities or even between country’s, why not, now with Lync everything is possible ^^

thanks you all my MSPs brothers and sisters for the unforgettable amazing time we had

big thanks to our ADE Raouf Chebri and Abdelmoumène Taleb for great hospitality for taking care of us and supporting us with everything we need.

big thanks again to our Kuwaiti brothers for the support, i really wish we do some  events or projects together 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Second AppBooster (Algeria)

  1. amazing second AppBooster.
    thank you MSP’s

  2. Great post Imad 🙂

    good work, Again 🙂

  3. Thank you so much guys for the support 🙂

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