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First AppBooster (Algeria)

In this last 2nd and 3rd of December, we had our First AppBooster at Microsoft Algeria’s office.

It was a very instructive and awesome experience that I really want to share with you.

Well, for the ones who doesn’t know what “AppBooster” is, it is an event of 38 hours where a group of msp’s or Club’s students…, meet and work together to build as much Windows Phone Apps as they can, well “as much” doesn’t mean do a bunch of BAD apps, No… Totally the opposite, it’s actually to benefit form the knowledge and experience of others and get them to help you to Build the Best APPs ever !

It’s an Amazing idea which gives some real superb results guys! If you’ve never done it before, you certainly have to try it out! Here’s briefly how it is …

Friday 10:00 AM

We gather,14 MSPs all in the Kitchen ( lol !) at Microsoft headquarters at Algeria Business Center

well ..we take a Snack, laugh a little and then get to work.
First thing
, we Start by a BrainStorming session, getting as much ideas for apps as possible is important, and so … we chose the best 10 (of course the ones that we could do in 38h), we Split into small teams, every 2 students on a project, some MSP’s prefer to be in more then one Team, some work alone, But well… it doesn’t really matters because we were all together on it, and if you look closely you find that every MSP have somehow contributed in other projects.

Well a little challenge won’t hurt either, so Raouf Chebri our ADE promised us that the first who finishes his application and post it into will win a  “Key ring” and a cool “MSDN Flag” (lol !)

BrainStorming had taken us some time, but it’s totally worth it, we got something like 50 ideas for Apps at the end of it.

In the evening we had every team presenting the design of their App, (how it’s going to be like, how much pages it has and so on..,) and eventually received feedback from everyone.

After that, what I can say… Coding and Coding and Coding! lol ..We didn’t sleep well  that night actually, I mean something like (from 5 am to  8 am) we couldn’t sleep because everyone was so excited to finish his app first “that flag and key ring seem to really add some motivation! lol” , well… I won’t lie to you, (2 am) I couldn’t help myself and fall a sleep !

In the morning, we had a lot of things going on, and many of the Apps were at their final stage and almost finished!

Sunday 2:00 PM

6 Apps were posted in “” and 4 were still in process ( we had as you can see few problems with the other 4 as they needed much work and we were so tired ! lol .. so yeah), well we did what we can and … so that’s it.

at 6 pm the AppBooster has ended

as you may suspect I haven’t mention anything has to do with food haven’t i ?

lool, we actually indeed eated a lot, be careful! AppBooster makes you hungry! (we just find that out)

So if you planning on doing an AppBooster don’t forget to add few numbers behind the word “Food” in your check list!, around  50% to 60% of your budget will be food! trust me!

Now leave you guys with some photos of the event

Friday morning heading to Algeria business center

Arrived !

Cool! Cakes served at the entrance! .. lol, just kidding (it’s made of plastique)

  “here were are!”

BrainStorming Starts!

“Starting discussing Ideas for apps then we write them on papers and post them on the walls so everyone could see them, in something like 1H and 20min we had 50 cool idea!”

   “Lunch break!”

“Every team start working on the design and conception of their apps then show it to the others to received feedback”

“Hooray !! T-Shirt’s!”

” And then we start Coding!, and when someone get into a problem, everyone come and try to help him out, no boundary’s no selfishness or anything, just like brothers working together and helping each other, really incredible atmosphere, really a whole new experience that pushs you forward and let you dream bigger, nothing like when you’re home alone, and the soon you get stuck in a problem and can’t find a way to get through it the soon you get depressed and leave it up ”

Awesome breakfast “we had some sort of Giant Pizza’s

“That we deal with it in few Sec‘s! lool”

“Awesome experience guys really awesome experience.
we had such unforgevebal time ! laugh and work together, not only just apps we’ve created in those 38h but also a strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood between us, it was a great chance for us to meet and get to know each other, we’ve also discussed many ideas on how to improve our presence in our colleges and make diffrence in our society wether it’s 6 or 10 apps we made it was totally a 100% success!
“I would personally and in the name of all Algerian MSP’s Thank”

Our Awesome ADE Raouf Chebri !

And …

Awesome Abdelmoumène taleb too !

For the great hospitality and warm welcome we had, for their support and understanding
We’re so lucky to have you guys without you we would never get to anything!
Also Big thanks to Microsoft for this chance
Thank you all so much for those incredible moments …


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5 thoughts on “First AppBooster (Algeria)

  1. Mohammed Bellal on said:

    That s a great gang preparin something awful!! Beware!!! They are all in Black!
    Make us proud of you !

  2. Shaymaa on said:

    Guys, you’ve done a great job! Thanks for joining us on Lync to connect with the team in Kuwait! 😀

  3. abdehamid on said:

    great job, thank you

  4. Great article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is in fact the best place to ask but do you folks have any ideea where to employ some professional writers? Thanks in advance 🙂

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