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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 43 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Microsoft Educator Network, why it’s awesome and you should totally sign up!


If you haven’t heard about it yet, this is the best thing happing right now for everyone looking for education on Microsoft tech or others that want to share their experience and knowledge with the world!, Microsoft Educator Network packs an amazing amount of resources and great opportunities for professional development, all waiting for you!

  • Connect with teachers all over the world,
  • Get Learning Activities created by teachers using Microsoft tools
  • Find tutorials on how to use Microsoft tools in the classroom created by teachers for teachers
  • Download over 30 free tools to use in the classroom + your Dreamspark subscription, you really have it all to become the next big thing!


Takes courses and keep track of your status in the My Learning Page

MEN 2    2014-06-29_113900

Get access to Webinars, Earn Badges and get a certificate! Open-mouthed smile 

Certificate you ask?. yep, you heard me right ^^

When you fully complete a course, a button will appear on the page enabling your to generate a PDF certificate that you can download and print. It’s that simple Open-mouthed smile

 MEN 3     image[43]

there are so much to explore and learn in Microsoft Educator Network, so what you waiting for?

Sign In Today!


it doesn’t take more 30 sec (it really doesn’t Smile with tongue out .. tried it myself)

Evening comes .. coding continue :D

Yup, it’s all dark already! .. time sure pass really fast when you’re having some much fun Smile

WP_20140522_042         WP_20140522_043

work is going smooth and well, we just had dinner ^^

WP_20140522_047         WP_20140522_048

an awesome dinner I must say Smile and a gaming session is on going right now Smile with tongue out 


did I say gaming session? Surprised smile .. sorry, my bad, it’s actually “almost about to end” little gaming thing, can’t even call it a session Smile with tongue out


Open-mouthed smile, so yeah, it’s going to be a long night for us, wish us luck.

see you in the morning inchallah!

DevCamp just Started! Apps are on the work :)

It’s Here!  Open-mouthed smile 

 WP_20140522_006      WP_20140522_016

A new DevCamp, with lots of great ideas, lot’s of learning and a lots of pure coding fun Open-mouthed smile

after a short session of brainstorming (we collected around 25 idea for an app btw ^^) and dinner Smile with tongue out

 WP_20140522_020      WP_20140522_021

we have about 9 apps on the work right now and the guys are all set for the challenge! .. let’s build those apps! let’s have some fun! Open-mouthed smile 

 WP_20140522_025     WP_20140522_026

and if some dare to play instead of code, Badreddine is here.


you got what he means lol. Smile with tongue out

more news will come up later at night Smile, have a great weekend everyone ^^

[ImagineCup] Algeria to the semi-finals in Pan-Arab, keep going guys!

                                  الحمد لله  

Phi team made it on the first round and now they’re up to the semi-finals! Open-mouthed smile .. the challenge is still going! and they’re at the semi-final presentation right now!

     10404015_10202234906062283_42911083642412141_o        10376273_10203311711346675_3562115243258654176_n

make us proud guys! .. keep it up! .. ربي معاكم

[Imagine Cup] Today’s the Day!

Yup! .. it’s Today! the day we were all waiting for.


and it’s about just one hour from now!

    10270447_804011052943543_8070209955663627530_n      10354152_804013852943263_6002983092951168378_n

Our Champions are well prepared and so determined bach yefrhou Algeria el yom inchallah!  Open-mouthed smile

                    لاتنسوهم بدعائكم في هذه اللحظات الجد مهمة

We’re all with you guys! .. Good Luck! Open-mouthed smile

Phi Team arrives at Doha!


After a long journey, our champions arrived at Doha yesterday night Smile 

   10346629_10202215653180973_8766855610801353915_n        1601105_269831489856324_4202454504251609006_n

many optimizations has been done to first prototype and the team is aiming for the first prize win! and inchallah to the global finals at Seattle! 


Let us all stand together with our team! Go Phi Team! .. Go Algeria! .. make us proud guys! Open-mouthed smile


ربي يوفقكم خاوتي Wish you the best luck! ^^

                                لاتبخلو عليهم بدعائكم Open-mouthed smile

stay tuned for more news!

you can also download the Official Imagine Cup Pan-Arab Windows Phone App HERE

Smart Mobility Challenge 2 Finals Recap


mobilis MSFT_logo_png

I was there at Smart Mobility challenge 2 finals last week and man! .. It was really so much fun, I was trying to make some time to talk to you guys about it all week but I couldn’t till today Smile  (busy with studies and all ^^ .. sorry about that Smile with tongue out )

The event started early with quick words from Ms Belkham Fella CSE club president, Mr Ghomari Reda Abdessamad representing both Mobilis and ESI, and finally Mr Iratni Amine DPE at Microsoft Algeria followed after that by a set of technical conferences by Safoune Yasmine, Kedjour Badreddine and Bellik Samir who talked about a lot of things happening in the Mobile world.


Then after it comes the most awaited part! ..  the participants turn to present their work in front of the attendees and jury 

WP_20140503_013           WP_20140503_019

Every Participant had 8 min for his presentation and 5 min to respond to the jury questions, I loved how quick it was, unlike many events that I attended in the past with 15 min for presentation + 15 min for question which was truly heavy on both the jury and participants Smile 

The 10 finalists were divided into 2 groups, the morning group and the evening group to leave time for dinner and rest between them.

The event ended at 04:45 pm with the announcements of the winners

First I’d like to congratulate Ali Rabhallah


First prize winner with his Windows Phone App CHANTIX, an App that makes professionally managing workers on constructions sites a child play Open-mouthed smile , the App has all sorts of the most needed functions, such as an easy way to mark workers absence, remember payment day, information’s managing and more, truly well crafted App, great job Ali! .. Congratulation!

  Dehouche Nazih


Second prize winner with his App Madrasat Al Hissab for Andriod OS, a beautiful, well made App to help kids get better in math, it offers basic math problems and puts the kid in the challenge to solve them fast and improve his score, I really loved the design and animations used in it, also the App is in Arabic (a Salut to you brother for that, we’re so in need for Arabic Apps), Congratulations man! you did really well, please keep it up! Open-mouthed smile

  El Hassasna Fethi


Third prize winner with his App Cuisine Algérienne for iOS, a great and very helpful App that gather a lot of our traditional + new Algerian recipes in one place, the look solid all around, I couldn’t see a lot (as he didn’t have a way to show people how the app works using data show), but from what I saw, it seems pretty neat!

Congratulations brother! .. keep it up!

and Finally a big big thanks to all the other participants, just being one of the finalist is already a big achievement! .. good luck to you guys in your future projects!, keep innovating! Open-mouthed smile


I also want to thank all the members of CSE club


For the great hospitality and welcome we had Open-mouthed smile, the event was super organized and really well put together guys! .. Well Done!!

also a big thanks to the Jury and Sponsors


because without them and their support we won’t be able to see events such as this Smile with tongue out

and finally thanks to all who came, to you guys reading this Smile .. thanks for your time and interest, hope next year’s SMC would be even bigger, even more exciting and packs more great cool idea’s!

4 days left to Smart Mobility Challenge 2 Finals!


yup! .. it’s almost time for Smart Mobility Challenge 2 finals, the biggest Mobile Apps Development Competitions in Algeria!, Organized by CSE Club, sponsored by Mobilis with the partnership of Microsoft and will be held at l’ESI Smile 

mobilis MSFT_logo_png

Never heard of it? ..

well … a little introduction wouldn’t hurt then, it all started in 2011 with the first version that met huge success and received a lot of positive feedbacks.

    75260_334759463251939_972518628_n     523148_334945393233346_1234152373_n

    522722_334742189920333_335415255_n     522722_334742176587001_305965009_n

Smart Mobility Challenge is all about pushing mobile development in all platforms to encourage innovation and recognize the work of our Algerian students, it’s all about discovering talents and building a community of Mobile developers in Algeria Open-mouthed smile

and this year .. the finals are going to be huge!

10 Apps that survived the first and second elimination phase will be competing for the first prize! .. it’s going to tough, it’s going to be exciting! ^^ .. a not to miss event guys!

                                          Facebook Event Page

see you there! Open-mouthed smile

To all the teams that participated in Imagine Cup 2014

         5MHeMlpnOTfnEz0yAL5s                   algeria_grunge_flag_by_think0

I felt you guys worth way more than just to be mentioned in one big single post so I had to write one just for you Open-mouthed smile

your contributions and hard work is what made Imagine Cup what it is today! your passion and will was truly a sight to see, so please stay Strong! stay Ambitious! and stay Inspired!, the experience you guys went thought was really one of the kind, so don’t you ever give up! .. always learn from your mistakes and always work to better them! Open-mouthed smile 

I really hope to see you guys all in next year’s Imagine Cup, better than ever, more prepared and more confident ^^

so a Big Big


goes to you all guys starting with Samada Team, second Place

with their project Child Care

  IMG_5103       IMG_4923

then the team Golden Givers, Third Place

With their project Make Smile, a social media network that focuses on helping each other and funding charity efforts in an exciting and competitive way.

  IMG_4337       IMG_4440

The team Biom Secure

With their project Dorsal-Vein Secure, a biometric identification system that uses the dorsal venous of the hand.

IMG_4604    IMG_4381

The team Compact

With their project Depanini, a Windows Phone mobile application that offers a fast way to solve people’s everyday problems, it also offers a more simpler way on finding open jobs.

IMG_4380   IMG_4339

We’re so thankful to you all for being with us this year Open-mouthed smile good luck to you and inchallah we’ll you see next year too ^^

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